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Portland’s concrete stair case contracting expert providing quality, reliability, and excellent craftsmanship. Choose Benchtop Concrete Works for your upcoming concrete steps or stairs construction project, ensuring a seamless start to finish process.


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Concrete Steps & Stairs Building services

Benchtop Concrete Works is a leading name in creating concrete stairs and steps for the Portland Metropolitan area. Serving both homes and businesses, we excel in designing custom concrete steps and stairs that enhance the properties characteristics while maintaining functionality.

One of the attributes of Benchtop Concrete Works is personalization. Our commitment is to design and build concrete stairs and steps that meet the unique tastes, durability requirements, and design demands of each project that we are on. Through comprehensive consultations, we fully embrace each client’s vision, translating it into solid, practical, and attractive concrete solutions.

The process for installing concrete stairs begins with meticulous site assessment and preparation. Our team ensures proper site readiness, considering all aspects of grading, drainage, and removal of possible obstructions or existing concrete structures. This site preparation work is critical to the overall enduring strength and functionality of your concrete staircase.

At Benchtop Concrete Works, we are committed to craftsmanship, quality, client relations, and all of the details in between. From the initial design consultations to the final aspects of installation, our mission is to deliver concrete steps and stairs that exceed client expectations and adhere to a high quality of building standard. Reach out to us to arrange an on-site evaluation and take the first step towards realizing your concrete stair project.

Concrete Can Provide Additional Safety

In Portland, where rain is a regular guest, safety on outdoor steps is important. Concrete used as a material for steps and stairs can offer excellent grip, reducing slips during those wet months. A broomed concrete finish will provide additional traction, so you can step confidently, rain or shine.

Custom Fit to Your Landscape

Custom Portland homes are as unique as its people. Concrete steps can be crafted to fit almost any landscape, from the steep inclines of the West Hills to the urban layouts of the Pearl District. They can blend seamlessly, from garden paths to grand entrances, crafted to your specific space and landscape. Our team will build in place custom concrete forms to construct a one of a kind concrete staircase.


Concrete steps and stairs can be eco-friendly, too. They can incorporate recycled materials and local aggregates, reducing your footprint. And when it’s time to replace and make a change, they can be recycled — a step forward for you and the planet.

Earthquake Resilience

Concrete steps can be engineered to withstand shakes and tremors. When the ground moves, concrete stairs and steps made with the right mix and reinforcement can stand firm. It’s peace of mind, in concrete form, for Portland residents. Preparedness is key in earthquake-prone areas.

Innovative Concrete Stair Desgns


Concrete stairs equipped with integrated LED lighting combine safety and modern look. This feature is optimal for year-round visibility in Portland’s often overcast climate, providing a safe, illuminated path even during the shorter, darker days of winter. The subtle inclusion of LED lights not only enhances safety but also creates an inviting ambiance, elevating the stairway to an element of elegance on your property.


Concrete stairs with a decorative natural texture implementation can work hand in hand with your existing landscape. These stairs can be crafted to mimic the textures of natural stone, blending your outdoor living spaces with the lush Oregon landscape.


For properties in Portland that showcase unique architecture and landscapes, custom curved concrete stairs are a sought after choice. They are crafted to curve gently with the land, providing a fluid transition between levels. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, these stairs can turn a functional feature into a focal point of design.


Prevalent in Portland’s construction scene, precast concrete stairs are molded off-site and brought to the location ready to install. This method promotes a quick turnaround and can be particularly advantageous in the rainy months, minimizing on-site work time.

Benchtop Concrete Works

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Client Testimonials

Abel Malone
Abel Malone
Excellent services, I always come back to Benchtop every time for quality work.
kendall core
kendall core
It was such a pleasure to work with Benchtop! John had great communication, follow through and worked hard to get the job done efficiently with great attention to detail. They removed my old asphalt driveway with care and replaced it with the gravel that I desired. John is an excellent problem solver and came up with smart solutions to some water issues I was dealing with and did an amazing job at grading my driveway. I look forward to working with John again when I have more projects in the future.
Select Username
Select Username
Best concrete company in the PNW by far! My front and back patios came out even better than I thought concrete could look.
Eleanor Laurie
Eleanor Laurie
He did my whole driveway! Beautiful work, he was on time every day, was very easy to work with. Even let my son Pippin learn a few things! If you’re looking for a great concrete business, this is the one!
Jasper Mlone
Jasper Mlone
This Business constructed my patio, beautiful work and I love what I was left with!!!
Laura West Vanderpool
Laura West Vanderpool
Awesome person to work with! This company did an amazing job on our patio. I highly recommend this company!
Megan Daline
Megan Daline
Benchtop Concrete Works did an excellent job replacing my sidewalk which had severe root damage. I highly recommend them. Thank you Benchtop!
Toni Stevens
Toni Stevens
John Malone, owner of Benchtop Concrete, is a TRUE perfectionist and always easy to reach if you have any questions. John’s work at our daughter's home was exact and precisely what she had wished for, which was LOTS of sparkles. In the evening hours, it feels like you are walking through heaven on a carpet of stars! During the day, it is magical. He is clear, concise, and a man of his word. What you ask for is what you will get!
Matt Younger
Matt Younger
John is a great communicator and easy to work with. He understands the client’s perspective. He followed up on any and all details as needed on our extensive and complex paving and foundation projects to ensure the job was done correctly. Very professional and congenial.

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When it comes to concrete contracting services in Portland, Benchtop Concrete Works sets itself apart. We are committed to delivering quality results on every project, supported by our experienced team’s friendly and efficient service. We ensure fast job completion without compromising on quality. Choose Benchtop Concrete Works for a superior experience in concrete contracting services. Always offering free estimates, give us a call today!

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