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Concrete Aftercare Comprehensive Guide and Tips

Concrete’s strength and aesthetic appeal make it a preferred choice for numerous applications. Yet, the true resilience and longevity of concrete surfaces, whether in your home, business, or public space, hinge significantly on the care provided after the pour. This guide, inspired by best practices recognized globally, provides a deep dive into the essentials of concrete aftercare.

Concrete’s Vulnerabilities: Why Aftercare Matters

  • Porous Nature: Left unprotected, concrete can absorb water, leading to potential freeze-thaw issues in colder climates.
  • Stains and Discoloration: Due to its porosity, liquids, and chemicals, if not cleaned promptly, can leave lasting stains.
  • Cracking: While concrete is sturdy, it isn’t entirely immune to cracks, especially if the surface is exposed to regular heavy traffic or drastic temperature changes.

Sealing: The First Line of Defense

A well-applied sealer acts as a protective barrier for concrete against moisture, stains, UV rays, and abrasions.

  • Types of Sealers: Depending on your concrete’s location and purpose, choose from penetrating sealers, acrylics, epoxies, or polyurethanes. Each offers varying degrees of protection and finish.
  • Frequency: On average, reseal exterior concrete every 1-3 years. Interior surfaces might not require as frequent resealing, depending on usage.

Routine Maintenance: Keeping Your Concrete Pristine

  • Sweeping: Regularly sweep the surface to prevent dirt accumulation, which can cause abrasions over time.
  • Washing: Periodically wash with pH-neutral cleaners. Avoid power washing as the high pressure can damage the sealer or even the concrete itself.
  • Immediate Attention to Spills: The quicker you address spills, especially oils and chemicals, the less likely they’ll leave permanent stains.

Tackling Cracks and Repairs

  • Regular Inspection: Frequently inspect your concrete for any signs of wear or damage. The sooner you catch issues, the simpler they are to address.
  • Crack Filling: Use a high-quality concrete crack filler or patching compound for minor cracks. Remember to clean the crack thoroughly before repairing.
  • Resurfacing: For surfaces showing significant wear or damage, consider resurfacing to restore its appearance and functionality.

Environmental and Use Factors

  • Weather: Concrete in regions with drastic temperature changes or high precipitation might require more frequent checks.
  • Traffic: High-traffic areas, whether vehicular or pedestrian, can accelerate wear.
  • UV Protection: For surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, UV-protective sealers are recommended to prevent color fading.

Additional Tips for Ensuring Concrete Longevity

  • Avoid Deicing Chemicals: During winter, refrain from using deicing chemicals, especially during the first winter after installation. They can cause surface damage and discoloration.
  • Furniture Tips: For concrete patios or floors, use furniture pads or stands to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Professional Consultation: When in doubt, or for significant maintenance tasks, always consult a concrete professional.

Concrete, when cared for correctly, can remain durable and beautiful for decades. With this guide, Benchtop Concrete Works aims to empower every homeowner, business, and community to maximize their investment in concrete surfaces. Because when it comes to concrete, the right care today ensures a solid, beautiful tomorrow.

Client Testimonials

Abel Malone
Abel Malone
Excellent services, I always come back to Benchtop every time for quality work.
kendall core
kendall core
It was such a pleasure to work with Benchtop! John had great communication, follow through and worked hard to get the job done efficiently with great attention to detail. They removed my old asphalt driveway with care and replaced it with the gravel that I desired. John is an excellent problem solver and came up with smart solutions to some water issues I was dealing with and did an amazing job at grading my driveway. I look forward to working with John again when I have more projects in the future.
Select Username
Select Username
Best concrete company in the PNW by far! My front and back patios came out even better than I thought concrete could look.
Eleanor Laurie
Eleanor Laurie
He did my whole driveway! Beautiful work, he was on time every day, was very easy to work with. Even let my son Pippin learn a few things! If you’re looking for a great concrete business, this is the one!
Jasper Mlone
Jasper Mlone
This Business constructed my patio, beautiful work and I love what I was left with!!!
Laura West Vanderpool
Laura West Vanderpool
Awesome person to work with! This company did an amazing job on our patio. I highly recommend this company!
Megan Daline
Megan Daline
Benchtop Concrete Works did an excellent job replacing my sidewalk which had severe root damage. I highly recommend them. Thank you Benchtop!
Toni Stevens
Toni Stevens
John Malone, owner of Benchtop Concrete, is a TRUE perfectionist and always easy to reach if you have any questions. John’s work at our daughter's home was exact and precisely what she had wished for, which was LOTS of sparkles. In the evening hours, it feels like you are walking through heaven on a carpet of stars! During the day, it is magical. He is clear, concise, and a man of his word. What you ask for is what you will get!
Matt Younger
Matt Younger
John is a great communicator and easy to work with. He understands the client’s perspective. He followed up on any and all details as needed on our extensive and complex paving and foundation projects to ensure the job was done correctly. Very professional and congenial.

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